2011 Elections to the ASDC Board

ASDC's board plays a strategic role in the nation's engagement with science.

It helps to shape the way the UK's 60 member science and discovery centres, science museums, environmental centres and science engagement organisations work together to inspire the nation.

In June 2011 we invited nominations for new Trustees to the ASDC Board.

The current board of Trustees

The current board is made up of 15 CEOs and senior managers of the UK's science museums and science and discovery centres.
The ASDC Board is currently chaired by Dr Nick Winterbotham. After four years at the helm, Nick will be stepping down from the Board and Ian Griffin from Science Oxford will become the new Chair.

In addition to this one other trustee will be stepping down from the Board and one trustee will be standing for re-election (please see grid below).

Therefore this year we asked for up to 4 new trustees and were delighted to appoint the following three people:

Their details and manifestos can be found here

Current board of Trustees:

Trustee Organisation Title
**Nick Winterbotham (Chair) Thinktank and Millennium Point CEO
Peter Trevitt (treasurer) Techniquest CEO
Teresa Anderson Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre Director
Vicky Brightman The Horniman Museum Head of Learning
Goery Delacote At-Bristol CEO
Ian Griffin Science Oxford CEO
**Judith Harvey W5 Business Development Manager
Robin Holgate MOSI Head of Interpretation and Learning
Robin Hoyle Glasgow Science Centre Director of Science
Anne Hunt A.D.Hunt Ltd. Consultant (formerly National Trust)
Heather Mayfield Science Museum Head of Content
Ian Simmons Centre for Life Science Communication Director
Louise Smith Dundee Science Centre CEO
Leigh-Anne Stradeski Eureka! The National Children's Museum Chief Executive
*Phil Winfield Intech Director

** = stepping down in 2011
* = standing for re-election in 2011

Trustee statements can be viewed here.

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