Commitments of the 10 selected organisations

The 10 selected organisations will need to commit to the following:

  1. To embed the workshops and public activities into your schools and public programme and run them into the future
  2. To have a quality control system in place that maintains the integrity of the science you deliver into the future.
  3. To deliver the range of the programme, from particle physics to space science celebrating the range of STFC science.
  4. That, with bespoke support from ASDC including equipment lists, supplier contact lists, and on the phone advice, your organisation will commit to purchasing the kit needed for the programme. Buying the equipment directly from suppliers, ensures your organisations has ownership of the equipment and warrantees and can take advantage of your VAT status. The cost of the full kit will be 9,000* and ASDC will provide a fundraising pack to assist you in securing these funds from funders, engineering companies or industry or from your own organisations. ASDC will also work with you to discuss if you currently own suitable equipment (such as a thermal imaging camera) and reduce the cost.
  5. To ensure two members of staff participate fully in the training academy**
  6. To participate in networking opportunities and share ideas and best practice with the national network
  7. To share information with the project manager for the purposes of reporting and evaluation in a timely manner
  8. To market the workshops in accordance with the guidelines (largely to use the logo and ensure the science messages are accurate)

* If you reach 7,500 people, the cost to a funder of investing 9000 will be just 1.20 per head.

**Organisations wishing to apply should refer to the training and delivery schedule later in this document to ensure that their chosen members of staff on this project are available to attend the academies and deliver to other deadlines.

Project Costs

We recommend that organisations interested in applying aim to fundraise 9,000 to cover the costs of purchasing the Explore Your Universe kit as well as travel to the training academy, and attending national meetings.

DescriptionPaid for by
Equipment procurement - 8,500*Applicant
Travel to training academy, national meeting and innovation days (500)Applicant
Fundraising pack showing the impact of the programmeASDC / Explore Your Universe
Marketing pack ( including marketing images and press releases)ASDC / Explore Your Universe
Training academy delegate feeASDC / Explore Your Universe
Training academy accommodationASDC / Explore Your Universe
All Workshops, shows and activity resourcesASDC / Explore Your Universe
Project training handbookASDC / Explore Your Universe
Equipment lists, supplier negotiation and bespoke supportASDC / Explore Your Universe
Project support, conference calls and on-going trainingASDC / Explore Your Universe
National Meeting and innovation day delegate feesASDC / Explore Your Universe
Website and project communications (including newsletter)ASDC / Explore Your Universe

*please note that the current estimated price to purchase the full set of equipment is 8,500 - however, if you do not require all the items this would decrease. For example, if you already own a solar telescope and infrared camera it would be around 6,000.

The key audiences

The recent ASPIRES report (2013) recommends targeting activities to primary aged children saying that "the current focus of most activities and interventions at secondary school is likely to be too little too late" (See ASPIRES Implications and messages for Policy and Practice).

The key audiences for this national programme are:

  1. School students aged 7-16 in formal curriculum-linked activities and their teachers
  2. Young people aged 7-13 learning about the physical sciences in informal contexts with their families (building family science capital)
  3. Specific target groups who are underrepresented in STEM in a variety of ways, for example:
    • Girls and young women
    • Students in schools that are underperforming (disadvantaged students, challenged schools)
    • Female scientists, technicians and engineers acting as role models

Numbers of participants you commit to engage

We have committed to engaging 150,000 people over two years across the 10 new (Phase 2) centres and the 10 existing science centres in the Explore Your Universe network.

To reach these numbers we would expect each new organisation to deliver activities to 7,500 people over 12 months and have included some suggestions below on how this might be achieved. Greater reach is looked upon favourably.

If you would like to apply but are unsure about reaching these numbers, please call us for advice.

Schools workshops: 900 students

Family Shows and other activities: 4,600 children and adults

Meet the expert events: 2000 people

Examples of other ways you could reach large audiences are through:

TOTAL: 7,500 people overall, with around 2000 meeting an expert

Reporting Data

In return for the training and support that this project offers we simply ask that you provide some very basic information as part of reporting, detailed below.

We will collect data twice on:

Where possible we would like to collect some basic evaluation data. This will be based on simple quantitative questionnaire-style questions that will be provided to you to include as part of your existing evaluation activities. We will cover evaluation in the training academy.

To check the reporting commitments you can see an example report template here:

These will be collected twice a year (the first deadline 30 April November 2015) via email. Additionally in 20 January 2015 the project manager will contact you to get a summary of your plans and activities.

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