What is on offer for the new partners

The programme will offer the 10 new selected centres the following:

  1. Bespoke, piloted, flexible and curriculum-linked workshop for school students aged 10-13
  2. Bespoke, piloted, flexible and curriculum-linked masterclass for school students aged 14-16.
  3. An inspiring, exciting and flexible family show format
  4. Training and support to provide your staff with everything they need to know to deliver highly engaging hands-on activities around the latest in the physical sciences, including:
    • A two-day, in-depth residential training academy for two staff
    • The highly commended Explore Your Universe project handbook
    • On-going over-the-phone support
    • Joining the Explore Your Universe network, with access to expertise from across the nation
  5. A fundraising pack and all the information and support for your organisation to purchase the exceptional set of adaptable hands-on equipment (cost approximately 9,000 for the full kit or less if you already own elements such as the thermal imaging camera, solar telescope and liquid nitrogen storage).
  6. Images, logos and other materials for marketing your workshops and family shows
  7. Introductions and links to researchers, scientists and engineers to support meet-the-expert activities
  8. A number of resources and training to help you reach wider audiences and advice on celebrating the amazing careers in engineering, space science and the physical sciences to engage both young people and their families
  9. Invitations to all of our face-to-face and virtual training and networking opportunities, including:
    • Access to the online discussion forum
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Regular specialist conference calls
    • Two Annual National Meetings
    • Innovation Days
  10. Up to date news, stories and press releases directly from STFC to inspire your activities and link to contemporary research
  11. Evaluation forms and guidance on using them

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