The Selection Process

The 10 participating organisations will be selected through a competitive tender process.

Applications are now closed.

The selection panel

The 10 participating organisations will be selected by a selection panel, made up of the following people:


The following organisations are eligible to apply:

Other types of organisation, including commercial organisations, are welcome to apply and must meet the following criteria:

Selection criteria

Priority will be given to organisations that:

Geographical considerations

The goal of this project is to give students and families across the UK the opportunity to explore the physical sciences through high-quality, engaging hands-on experiences.

When making the selection of the ten centres quality and reach will be the biggest factor, however, in the case of all other aspects being equal, the geographical spread of the ten partners across the UK will be taken into consideration. To make these workshops sustainable we aim to avoid organisations competing for the same audiences. These considerations will include the 10 existing Explore Your Universe centres.

University departments, learned societies and others

Explore Your Universe Phase 2 is open to a variety of organisations that meet the criteria covered in this document. For universities and learned societies in particular we believe this would mean, for example, having a person dedicated to public engagement and/or informal science learning. For organisations that don't employ scientists and engineers this would mean demonstrating the ability to collaborate with researchers, engineers, etc.

Information for researchers and freelancers

If you are an academic and would like to get involved, please discuss a partnership with your public engagement / outreach department or phone ASDC. If you are a freelancer with a background in physics, ask your science centre or university, or other, to see if you might submit an application as a partnership.

We welcome applications from a range of organisations who can work in partnership to meet the eligibility and selection criteria. If you plan on applying as a partnership, or are a commercial organisation, please contact ASDC to discuss.

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