Explore Your Universe: Atoms to Astrophysics
Phase 1 and Phase 2 are now complete in this
highly successful, ongoing national project

Explore Your Universe Evaluation Report - Phase 1

Explore Your Universe Evaluation Report - Phase 2

In 2011, ASDC and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) began an exciting strategic partnership which brought together some of the most fascinating and diverse cutting-edge science in the country with the talents and infrastructure of the nation's largest network of dedicated science engagement organisations.

'Explore your Universe: Atoms to Astrophysics' was developed as a hands on science programme, which has been delivered by 20 delivery partner across the UK in 2 phases. Phase one took place during 2012-2014 and Phase 2 during 2014-2016. This ground-breaking national programmes mission was to 'inspire a new sense of excitement amongst young people around the physical sciences by sharing the amazing stories and technologies of STFC'. Through Phase 1 and 2, Explore Your Universe has reached over 341,704 people and continues to prove a popular programme within centres.

Phase 3 of Explore Your Universe is currently under consideration which will expand the reach of this highly engaging programme.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of 'Explore your Universe: Atoms to Astrophysics' has been running over the past two years and has been a great success. 156,880 children and adults have taken part at ten science and discovery centres and two STFC facilities over the past year. Over 50,000 participants met space scientists, physicists, engineers and technicians with their families or schools discussing all sorts of science topics as well as how they got into their careers.

The Phase 1 programme was developed by ASDC in partnership with experts from the National Space Centre and Jodrell Bank. Scientists and engineers from STFC facilities and UK universities were also involved, ensuring the quality of the science. Central to the programme is an exceptional set of equipment and informal learning resources which have now been well tested, fine tuned and fully evaluated.

ASDC delivered equipment to thes science centres including: a solar telescope, a cloud chamber, a thermal imaging camera, meteorites, levitating magnets (using superconductors), an iPad pre-loaded with lots of great apps and even a mini-demonstration of a particle accelerator using a Van de Graaff generator!
ASDC selected, trained and supported ten UK science and discovery centres to run a range of cutting-edge physics and engineering schools workshops, family shows and meet-the-expert events and provided written resources including a handbook and website detailing a large range of experiments that could be carried out by the science centres.

The independent evaluation by King's College London examined the impact on the first 3,883 students and 369 teachers who took part in the workshops, making it the UK's largest multi-centre dataset of the impact of informal science learning.

One notable finding was this physics programme had been very successful in inspiring interest in both girls and boys in equal measure. 56% of girls and boys aged 10-13 said the workshop made them feel more interested in studying science, and 41% said it had made them more likely to consider a career in science. This effect was found after just one hour of experiments and discussions. This programme fully supports the Government's new initiative to get more girls into physics an engineering and can be used flexibly to support this and other widening participation initiatives.

Excellent and innovative science is vital to the UK's future economic success as well as our health and well-being. This project aligns with many organisation's recognition of the importance of nurturing the curiosity and inventiveness of our young people, and especially in increasing young peoples' awareness of the fantastically inspiring and fruitful careers open to them, should they continue their science and mathematics studies.

Phase 2

We are now working with ten new organisations as part of this dynamic and diverse network to bring amazing stories and technologies from the physical sciences to more girls and boys, men and women across the UK, and support the nation's engagement with the latest in the physical sciences.

The 10 organisations were be selected through an application process, the details of which were announced on this website.


"Explore Your Universe has been one of the best projects we have worked on. The kit we received is of the highest quality and has been commented on by science teachers. They are greatly enthused about the demonstrations they can carry out which cannot take place in their classrooms. Teachers have also reported that their pupils are really enthusiastic about the workshops - even those that are usually uninterested in science. I would congratulate the team that created this project - it has become one of our best received projects."

- Louise Smith, Chief Executive, Dundee Science Centre

"Explore Your Universe forms an excellent bridge between the cutting edge research and development of STFC and the varied learning environments of the science centres involved."

- Kierann Shah, Project Manager, National Space Academy

"Taking part in EYU has boosted our offer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich by giving us access to top class equipment that we could not usually justify would not usually have. One of the most important and useful things that this project has done is it has created new links between science and discovery centres and also working scientists in various institutions around the county allowing us all to quickly and regularly share best practice. This is something that is invaluable when working in the busy world of science and discovery centres. "

- Liz Roche, Education Manager, Royal Observatory Greenwich

"Explore Your Universe has enabled us to capture the imaginations of our visitors through inspiring and challenging science demonstrations. From meteorites and thermal imaging to solar telescopes and atomic cloud chambers, the resources have been awe-inspiring and highly effective at grabbing the attention of our visitors. The support and training from the ASDC has been invaluable and the opportunity for us to engage in a UK-wide partnership to engage people of all ages in science is something we would be keen to continue in the future."

-Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive, Glasgow Science Centre

Quotes from The Academic Evaluation of the programme by King's College

"It has opened my eyes to ways in which we can extend and alter our offer to educational groups and the general public."

"Being able to present our visitors with cutting edge information has increased our position as a place where people can engage with CURRENT science"

"It has been a great chance for me to embark on a project with many different elements safe in the knowledge that there has been a good level of support available from [my institution] ASDC and other science centres involved."

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