The ASDC response to BIS consultation on proposals for long term capital investment in Science and Research

ASDC Response to Capital Consulation

ASDC Response to Capital Consulation

As a nation and as a global society we have some major challenges ahead, especially in relation to climate and energy. Now, more than ever we need our young people to be inspired by science and engineering and to see it as something they want to be part of, both for our future economy and our future well-being. We also want every UK citizen to feel sufficiently confident with science and the process of science to understand the evidence, ask the questions they need and discuss matters and policies that will have a big impact on their lives.

This Government consultation asks for views on prioritising where to put 5.9 billion of research capital funding between 2016 and 2021.

22 Million of this is proposed for Science Centre Capital Investment, but is competing with many other programmes and will only be secured if it is supported by many colleagues through this consultation. The deadline is July 4 2014

ASDC fully and whole-heartedly supports the proposal in Annex A7.1 of this consultation for 22 million to be invested in an 'Inspiring Science' Capital Investment Fund that Science and Discovery Centres can apply to for capital funds.

Details and the consultation document is here

Submit your response via the on-line form here

We have sought advice from BIS as most Science Centres will not be able to answer most of the questions. In this case add your response in the space for Qu 8 and/or 9 (1000 word limit for each) and give your name, email and organisation in Qu 1-3. Leave all others questions blank or answer as you choose.

Please feel free to copy and paste any information you need from the word document above.

In addition, if it really doesn't fit you may also send a word document to, but you must submit something online to be included.

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