Animated Adventures

Built by W5, Belfast This exhibition has been developed by W5 in Belfast, Northern Ireland as part of an eTEC consortium project.

The idea of this 200 sq metre exhibition is to explain, in the animators own words, how they come up with ideas and then how they turn those ideas into animations.

The following animators have written the text and provide images of their work to illustrate creativity in the medium of animation: Aardman Animations, Banjax, Michael Sormann, Richard Vaucher, D7 Studios, Timothy Albee and Evan Cagle. Each one has a very different style and approach which makes this exhibition fascinating for professionals, budding animators, family and education audiences.

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Animated Adventures is an exhibition produced by The Association for Science and Discovery Centres Travelling Exhibitions Consortium (eTEC) and funded by the Millennium Commission through a ReDiscover grant.

Wallace and Grommit are © and TM Aardman Animations Ltd. 2005 All Rights reserved.


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