Sciencewise pilot project

ASDC is delighted that Sciencewise is undertaking a pilot project to look at how to harness people's feedback from all the fantastic interactions that science and discovery centres do with the public.

The goal of this Sciencewise pilot is to establish whether using existing dialogue mechanisms could be effectively used to gather public opinion on a wide variety of topics in the future.

While the opinions from events could initially form a repository of information, ultimately Sciencewise would like to see if these formats, and science and discovery centres in general, can be used to directly inform science policy decisions made in Westminster.

We feel that this would be a step forward for science and discovery centres as a national network.

Three UK science centres joined us in the pilot (click the markers for more details):


For several years now, ASDC has been actively encouraging Sciencewise to take advantage of the fantastic work that science and discovery centres do day-in, day-out: engaging with people on challenging scientific issues, and giving them a place to air their opinions, hopes and concerns.

We are delighted that this pilot is going to look at the great potential that science centres and museums have in contributing to shaping national science policy.

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