Science on the street

The New Economics Foundation has created an excellent website hosting ideas and resources for science dialogue as part of their Science on the Street project.

The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and aims to encourage conversation about key scientific issues in public spaces, involving members of the public. ASDC are partners in the project and are keen to share the findings with members.

The project uses discussion stalls which are well suited for use on the floor of busy public venues such as science centres and museums, as well as at outreach events.

The website has sections on how to:

There is also a section written by the project's expert social scientists giving information on how robust are the results.

Overall, NEF have used these approaches with 500 people, to discuss a number of issues including, 'should you give incentives for bodily donations for medicine and research?' The views collected will feed into a Nuffield Council on Bioethics report.

To explore more about NEF - who have the rather lovely strapline Economics as if people and the planet mattered go to the NEF website

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