Inspiring Science: BIS Capital Investment in Science and Discovery Centres

In 2014 BIS ran a Public Consultation on proposals for long term capital investment in science and research, specifically the allocation of 5.9 billion of research capital funding between 2016 and 2021.

ASDC submitted the below "Inspiring Science" Proposal as part of the Capital Consultation. This was as a result of discussions with the then Science Minister David Willetts and his colleagues in BIS. The Proposal was then included in the consultation.

Inspiring Science Proposal

Capital Consultation Document

Please note: The relevant part of the consultation can be found on page 95.

Further information from ASDC about this consultation, including the ASDC Analysis, Response and submission along with links to the consultation document are here on the ASDC website.

In December 2014, The Government published the outcome of this consultation. Delightfully The Inspiring Science proposal is highlighted as having received high levels of support and BIS have announced that it will be funded to the tune of 20 million, dependent on the detail in the full business case.

The report is below and via the link. The pertinent paragraphs relating to science centres can be found on:

Creating the future: a 2020 vision for science and research - government response to consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research

The report can also be found on the BIS website, here

Alongside the above report, BIS also published "Our plan for growth: science and innovation".

This is a wider report detailing the Long term strategy to make the UK the best place in the world for science and business.

Our plan for growth: science and innovation.

The report can also be found on the BIS website, here

ASDC are currently in discussion with colleagues in BIS over the details and administration of this fund to ensure it does what was intended in supporting science engagement with families, school children and the wider public through the infrastructure of the UK science and Discovery Centres.

We will have further information in due course, and you are welcome to call Dr Penny Fidler, CEO of ASDC on 0117 915 0186.

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